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Moving Day

What We Offer

Moving & Clean Out Services


Whether you or your loved one is relocating or downsizing, Houston Estate Transitions can assist with moving and clean out of your property. Any move can be a time consuming process, but add the extra element of going through family heirlooms of years of personal documents, and it can be even more overwhelming. We offer specialty services so seniors can move in a way that is physically and emotionally comfortable. We can help to search for items or documents, dispose, sell, or donate unwanted items, and provide junk removal. We can assist in packing, document shredding, and arrange for domestic and international moving. We can also help with unpacking and organizing your new home. Our moving and clean out services include but are not limited to: 

  • Packing / Unpacking

  • Arranging professional moves, domestic and international

  • Document Search (deeds, titles, tax returns, stock certificates, etc.)

  • Document Shredding

  • Disposal / Junk Removal

  • Selling or Donating unwanted items and furniture

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